Alice Patania

Applied Mathematician


I am currently an Assistant Research Scientist at Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI) in Bloomington(IN). I work on mathematical modelling for brain networks in close collaboration with Olaf Sporns and his team.
I obtained my Ph.D in Applied Mathematics at Politecnico di Torino with a dissertation titled: "Simplicial Data Analysis: theory, practice, and algorithms". During my PhD I worked at I.S.I. Foundation in Torino, where I was a part of the research group on "Mathematics and the foundation of complex systems".
An algebraic topologist by training, my main focus is to develop and apply new topological approaches to study complex systems. In particular, I work on applying these tools to biological networks.

Here are some of the projects I am focusing on right now:

  • Simplicial Configuration Model: Random model for Simplicial Complexes, joint work with Jean-Gabriel Young @ Université Laval, Quebec City;;
  • Statistical properties of random graphs from an homological pont of view, joint work with Dr. Riccardo Jadanza and Prof. Francesco Vaccarino @ Politecnico di Torino;
  • Studying Mathematical models of community structures in relation to simplicial complexes, joint work with Jean-Gabriel Young @ Université Laval, Quebec City;
  • Topological gene-expression networks on brain, joint work with G.Petri, P. Expert, M. Veronese, P. Selvaggi @ King's College, London
  • Creating a Python module for a high dimensional Mapper Algorithm.
  • Topological Data Analysis on real data (rna transcriptomes, quantitative semantic data, brain networks from fMRI, EEG, DTI).

I did not have time to update this page yet. I will do so as soon as I get settled in my new position.
I will try to keep the PDF version of my C.V. updated untill then.


Assistant Research Scientist
IUNI, Bloomington (IN)

Ongoing collaboration with Olaf Sporns and his team at the Psychological and Brain Science Department IU.


Junior Researcher
I.S.I. Foundation, Turin (ITALY)

Part of the "Mathematics and Foundation of Complex Systems" research group at ISI Foundation. Tasks:

JUNE 2013 - NOVEMBER 2013


PhD in Applied Mathematics
Politecnico di Torino | I.S.I. Foundation

2014 - 2017

Master Degree in Mathematics
University of Torino

2009 - 2012

Bachelor Degree in Mathematics
University of Torino

2006 - 2009




CCS 2016 - Conference on Complex Systems
Amsterdam, Netherlands

SEPTEMBER 18 - 22, 2016

Talk: "Topological gene expression networks capture spatial and gene-gene interactions."

NetSci 2016 - International Conference on Network Science
Seoul, South Korea

MAY 30 - JUNE 3, 2016

Talk at the SINM Satellite Conference: "A hierarchical stochastic growth model for simplicial complexes."

NetSci 2015 - International Conference on Network Science
Zaragoza, Spain

JUNE 1 - 5, 2015

Workshop "Discrete, Computational and Algebraic Topology"
University of Copenhagen

NOVEMBER 10-14, 2014

Presented Poster on joint work with Prof. F. Vaccarino: Poset persistence as sublevel filtration of weighted objects"

ECCS'14 - European Conference on Complex Systems
IMT Lucca

SEPTEMBER 22-26, 2014

Workshop "Topology and Geometry of Networks and Discrete Metric Spaces"
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, Minneapolis, MN

APRIL 28 - MAY 2, 2014

Presented Poster on joint work with Prof. F. Vaccarino: "One graph to rule them all"



Mathematical methods for high-dimensional data analysis
TU München, Garching, Germany

JULY 18 - 22, 2016

Camerino, Italy

JULY 13 - 22, 2015

Complex Systems Summers School 2015
Santa Fe Institute, NM, USA Proceedings

JUNE 7- JULY 3, 2015

HTCA - Homology: Theoretical and Computational Aspects
Genova, Italy

FEBRUARY 9-13, 2015

ECCS Warm up - School on Complex Systems
IMT Lucca, Italy

SEPTEMBER 19-21, 2014

ACAT Summer School on computational topology and topological data analysis
Ljubliana, Slovenia

JULY 1-5,2013



S. Lumbreras, M. Pereda, I. Bertazzi, A. Patania, J.-G. Young, D. Citron, M. Haraguchi - Complex Systems Techniques applied to Power Transmission Expansion Planning - Proceedings of 2015 CSSS

Oct 2015

S. Gurciullo, M. Smallegan, M. Pereda, F. Battiston, A. Patania, S. Poledna, D. Hedblom, B. T. Oztan, A. Herzog, P. John, S. Mikhaylov - Complex Politics: A Quantitative Semantic and Topological Analysis of UK House of Commons Debates - arXiv:1510.03797

Oct 2015

F. Vaccarino, A. Patania, G. Petri - P-persistent homology of finite topological spaces - arXiv:1502.04873

Feb 2015



Bridge Grant YRNCS - with Jean-Gabriel Young

MAY 2016

PhD Fellowship I.S.I. Foundation













Network Science Institute
Indiana University Bloomington
1001 Sr 45/46
Bloomington, IN 47408, USA


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